Getting started: Download and compile the code

If you want to explore the code of the EPT the first goal would be to compile the application. To this end please carry out the following steps:

  1. Download Qt from the Qt-Open Source Download page. On a Linux system download the online installer ( or similar), make it executable (chmod +x <filename>) and start it. Then an installation wizard appears that guides you trough the installation process (see figure). Register and choose the installation path. On Linux you can install Qt locally, i.e., you don't need root access. Under Windows and Mac the installation procedure is similar.

  2. Download the EPT source. First create a folder for the project and enter this folder. The EPT can be downloaded in two different ways:
    • Download with git, a well-known version management system used for the development of the EPT. If not yet installed, download git from the git Download page or from your existing repositories and install it. Enter the project folder and type following commands:
      • git init
      • git clone
    • Alternatively you can also download the project without using git. Go to and choose one of the download options in the upper right corner of the window.
    • If you are experienced you should consider to fork the whole project from gitlab.

  3. Launch the Qt-creator and open the Qt project file in the project folder. Here is a screenshot how it should look like.

  4. Activate multicore compilation. The EPT is a large project that would take a lot of compile time on a single core. In order to activate multiple-core compiling please select 'Projects' in the left toolbar, click at the Details-drop down menu  for 'Build Steps-Make' and insert the 'Make arguments' the option '-j8', where 8 stands for the number of cores of your processor.

  5. Compile and run the EPT by pressing the green triangle in the left toolbar. If you are lucky the application will compile out of the box. But usually the compilation fails because some libraries are missing. Typical examples are:
    • On Linux: alsa-devel

  6. Compilation for Android is a little more complicated. We will explain it shortly here.


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