Getting started on Windows

Here we describe how the EPT can be compiled on a Windows desktop.

1. Download git

Download git for Windows from and install git using the default settings. This will also install Git-Bash which is some kine of Unix-style console.

2. Download Qt

Download the open-source version of Qt from Start the installer and follow the instructions. At some point you will be asked for the components to be installed. Open the subtree of the most recent Qt version, check all entries for MinGW entry and uncheck all msvc entries. The reason is that the EPT is most easily compiled with the MinGW-compiler while a compilation with the Microsoft-Visual-C++ compiler is possible but very complicated. With MinGW you can compile the project more or less out of the box.

 2. Download the source code

Start Git-Bash, go to the directory where you want to download the source, and type:



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